DIY: Balayage Highlights

Today’s post is for all those “at-home RISK takers”. Let’s be honest, getting our hair done at a salon can be hard on our bank accounts, and more then half the time we can’t tell any difference or it comes out looking like a train wreck. Sometimes doing your hair at home can be … well, even worse. But today I want to show you the way I Balayage BROWN hair and safe to say, it’s pretty fool proof.


 1)  Highlight Kit. I recommend Revlon Frost&Glow for brunettes

2) Several sheets of tin foil. This helps quicken the process of highlighting the hair since it keeps the heat altogether.

3) A purple toner. This is a MUST for any at home highlights. It tones the hair and gets rid of any brassiness.

3) Hair clips. This will help to section off your hair so it doesn’t become one big mess.

4) A brush OR comb.



Section off the hair in three parts. Right, left and back. Then starting with the back, section it off to where you want your highlights to begin.



The great thing about balayage is that you highlight WHEREVER you want. It’s supposed to look natural and effortless. Pick up a section of hair and with the parting tool you get in the kit weave in and out so you’re left with small strands of hair.



This step is probably the most important. If you just kept those strands of hair as is and applied the bleach you would be left with an awful strait line across, which is NOT cute. To avoid that, take your comb or brush and back comb the strands of hair so that your hair is uneven and you are left with a natural gradient.



After mixing the bleach together from the kit, take a sheet of tin foil and start applying the bleach onto the hair. Remember you want to add a generous amount so that every piece of hair is soaked up.



Make sure to fold the tin foil and tightly secure it around the hair so that it stays in place.



Continue to randomly select sections of hair and highlighting. I like to alternate the heights of where I start so that it doesn’t look fake. I also concentrated on putting a lot more highlights around the sides of her face so that it frames it nicely.



After waiting about 20-25 minutes (constantly open foils and check) wash out the bleach then apply the purple toner on all the highlighted strands. This takes away any brassiness and will leave behind a beautiful blonde. This particular toner only needs to be left on for 2-4 minutes.


Wash out, dry and style! Good Luck!



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