Lazy Day Hair | Double fishtail

This hairstyle is my favourite to wear on days where I have lots of errands to run and need to look put together with no effort. It’s super quick and easy and any one can do it! If you don’t have long hair, extensions will help you achieve the look.

Good luck



Step one:

After splitting your hair into two pieces, start braiding them into a fishtail.


Step two:

To make your fishtail look lush and full, pull them apart lightly so that there is texture in the braid.


Step three:

With some bobby pins, secure the sides of the braid to one another so that it creates one full braid.




3 thoughts on “Lazy Day Hair | Double fishtail

  1. I’m excited to try this! I’m so glad I came across your blog.
    I also love your makeup here, can you tell me what lip products you on?

    Also, I have a request, can you make a post on your favorite bronzers and how you contour and highlight?
    Thank you!

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