Holiday Makeup || Red lips

Well, it’s almost ONE WEEK till Christmas. Can you believe it? I still haven’t done my shopping, definitely a last minute person in that department. I hope you are all as excited as I am and that you all have the most wonderful day.

This makeup look today is such a classic look that you can wear to a Christmas party or even New Years (don’t worry I’ll still do a NY look). I added a bit more sparkle to the eyes because, why not?!

Hope you enjoy!


After applying your foundation routine, really sculpt out your cheeks. This look looks awesome with a defined contour.



Take a neutral brown and use it as your transition colour. Take your time and really blend this out.



Taking “swiss chocolate” from MAC I concentrated the colour on the outer and inner corner of my eyes. Leave the centre of your lids clear because thats where the sparkle will go. Mimic what you did on the upper lid onto the lower lid as well.






Take a light gold shadow and press it onto the empty space we left earlier and then coat a couple layers of gold sparkles on top. (My camera didn’t pick up the full intensity).



I added some false lashes and a bit of liner to the upper and lower water line (optional). I used “ruby woo” from MAC which is a matte red to complete the look. Feel free to add gloss on top but I loved how the matte contrasted against the sparkly eyes.


Good luck!


Holiday Sparkle

The Holidays are approaching and with that comes the parties! This look is great to add a little glam and sparkle to your look but isn’t too much for all the natural makeup girls out there. I will be doing a couple different makeup and hair looks that would be great to rock at any Christmas party this year. Hope you enjoy!




After applying an eye shadow base, take a taupe brown and really blend it. Really constrict this colour JUST to the crease because we want to create a “cut crease” effect.



This is where you can have fun. Taking the Stila foil shadow in the rose gold colour I placed it on the lid. I really layered this product on so that it was the main focus of her eyes.



Taking a medium bronze colour, blend it under the lash line to give definition to the eyes.



 I felt like the look could use a bit more drama so I gave her a cat eye to really show off the sparkle on her lid.



To finish off the eyes I added a pair of edgy lashes to compliment the cat eye liner. This part is of course optional.



For Erica’s face I just used a tinted moisturizer, warm colour bronzer and my Givenchy highlighting pen. For her lips I kept it neutral and lined them with MAC Stripdown liner and filled with Buxom Lip foundation in Undressed.


Good Luck!



Makeup for Mature Women

I’ve been wanting to do a post on this for a long time and I finally convinced my mom to be my model. She is 58 and is one serious babe show! She has always been interested in anything beauty related but with work, taking care of two young boys and doing all the typical motherly duties, sometimes taking time for herself comes last.  Today she let me do her makeup and show her some tips and tricks that I recommend. Doing your makeup properly when you are mature makes the biggest difference in the world. Every women should feel beautiful at any age and my mom is a true model of that. Hope this is helpful for women out there and that you can take something from it. Enjoy xx


Step One:

After prepping her skin with a hydrating moisturizer and some primer I moved on to a water based foundation (MAC face and body foundation). This is great for light coverage but is easily build-able. Blending all this in with a beauty sponge is great for giving an even, flawless finish.


Step Two:

I didn’t want to do any harsh contouring so I took MAC “give me sun” bronzer and just warmed up her face in areas the sun would naturally hit it. To give her a healthy, bright look I took a rose tone blush and popped it onto the apples of her cheek.

* For mature skin it’s key to stick to matte formulas since anything with shimmer or glitter will crease in wrinkles.


Step Three:

Brows are probably the most important part of the face. This is what gives proportion and frames the eyes. It also gives a more youthful look the thicker you go with them. I used Caramel Brow wiz and Caramel Brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills.


Step Four:

I didn’t want to go overboard with the eyeshadow but I also wanted to showcase her bright blue eyes so I stuck with a warm tone brown and just blended it from lash line to crease.

* Again, stick to matte eyeshadows or even a waterproof shadow stick


Step Five:

Taking a dark brown eyeliner (MAC Stubborn Brown) I rimmed the upper and lower lash line to make her lashes appear thicker. Smudging the line will create a softer effect. This is a great trick to open up the eyes and especially if you don’t have full lashes, this will help.


Step Six:

I always say one coat of mascara is never enough, but with this one (TARTE Lights camera flashes) you really only need one. Don’t forget your lower lashes!


Step Seven:

Keeping the lips natural, I used a rosy nude colour that would make her eyes pop even more. ( She really does have the bluest, brightest eyes!).


Fall Makeup // Burgundy Wine

We all know that the best part about Fall is the beautiful colours. Burgundy wine coloured anything reminds me of rich, luxurious things. I love having it in my wardrobe and especially in my makeup. This look it extremely easy and a great way to introduce colour into your look. Enjoy!




After priming your lids, apply a medium coloured brown into your crease. Really blend out this colour.



Taking this beautiful pigment from L’oreal called “Glistening Garnet” I put it onto the tops of my lid. If you want a more opaque effect then spray some MAC fix plus on your brush.



Using a berry coloured liner (you can use any colour) I rimmed my upper and lower lash line and extended it at the corners.



For some highlight I used MAC vanilla pigment in the inner corners of my eyes and the centre of my lids.



I wanted this look to be glam so I added some fake lashes but that’s completely up to you.



Mixing MAC’s Diva and Up the Amp to create the perfect burgundy/wine colour.




Dead/Zombie Flapper Girl

Normally I’m not one to go all intense and scary on Halloween, but I thought I would do this pic-torial for the people out there who do! I know it’s not super hardcore, but it is very wearable and a fun twist on the look. Ill be putting up a couple more makeup looks for Halloween, so stay tuned!




Instead of white face paint I used a foundation that was very light. You can do either or but I wanted my face to look more natural.



With any black eyeshadow, layer it with a flat shader brush on your top lid right up to your crease. Take it also on your lower lash line then with a black gel eyeliner rim the upper and lower waterlines.



Taking chocolate from MAC (any warm tone brown will do) blend out the harsh edges and extend it to around your temple.



Using what was left on my brush from the eyeliner, make vein looking lines around the lower lash line. Make sure to be light handed with this so it looks as realistic as possible.



With a purple liner, line the inner corner of your eye and some of the lines you made for veins. **This is optional



Using Desert Rose blush from MAC, blend from your temple down into the hollows of your cheek. This will give you a “sickly” looking contour.



You can choose to wear any lipstick you want but I wanted something rich and dark so I used Joe Fresh “Plum Prune” and then MAC “night moth” on the outer corners to give my lips depth.




5 Faves : Fall Lipsticks

Tis’ the season to wear rich, bold and colourful lipsticks. What girl doesn’t appreciate a good vampy lip colour while holding a pumpkin spice latte, am I right? Today I want to focus in on my top 5 favourite lipsticks at the moment. All of these colours are great for Fall and cater to every type of person.



Guys, this has been in my purse for the last six months and I am still rocking it on a day to day basis. I love the rosey undertones and I seriously always get a compliment whenever I wear it. This colour is also a beautiful shade on brides. So, if your getting married and in the market for a great lip colour, I highly suggest this one!

*Fun fact: Kate Middleton wore this exact lipstick on her wedding day!



If your looking for something that isn’t too crazy but brings colour to your face, this shade is to die for. You can lightly tab it onto your lips for sheerer coverage and everyday use. This colour really looks awesome on all skin colours and really gives your look a colourful touch.



I love this colour because it’s so easy to wear. I feel like burgundy reds are so in for Fall and this one is perfect. I love that it has a glossy finish and doesn’t dry out your lips but makes them look lush and full. This colour is incredible when I’m at my palest because it contrasts so beautifully against my skin.



This is my go-to red. I am obsessed. It has blue undertones which will make your teeth appear whiter and is SOO easy to apply. The satin matte finish makes this lipstick stay on for a good 8 hours which is great for a work day. It compliments any skin tones that have cool or neutral undertones in it.

*Taylor Swift always rocks this lipstick!



I found this liquid lipstick while checking out at the grocery store, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. It lasts forever on the lips and has such a rich feel to it. It doesn’t dry up and crust on your lips but it feels like a satin finish. This is such a perfect colour for a vampy makeup look or if you want to try something a little more daring.


Glam Fall Makeup (KIM K INSPIRED)

Soo I’ve taken a summer break from blogging for many different reasons and I’m glad to confidently say I’m back for good. I will be re-designing my blog and focusing more on hair, makeup, tips and tricks and tutorials. Can’t wait to get back at it.


Today’s pic-torial is of the makeup Kim K wore to the Givenchy show in Paris last week. I love the deep bronze colours and dewy skin so I had to do it. Thankfully my beautiful friend (should be a model) Erica volunteered her face for me and we got strait to work. This look is great for any fall occasion. Take and leave what you please.

Enjoy xo


Make sure you create a flawless base for your foundation. I mixed a Chanel foundation with my Nars tinted moisturizer to enhance Erica’s glow. Taking a concealer 2 shades lighter I then contoured her face in areas I wanted to highlight.

*It ain’t no Kim K look without a good contour! I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit



Taking a deep bronze colour I blended it all across her lid up to her brow bone. Keep blending and re-applying till you get your desired depth.  I then took vanilla pigment from MAC to highlight her brow bone and inner corner of her eyes.



Taking stubborn brown eyeliner from MAC I smudged it into her lower lash line and blended downwards. Since Kim is known for her glorious eyelashes I took a black liquid liner from NYX and finely lined the upper lash line right into the tear duct.



Using Make Up Forever lashes in 157 really helped achieving thicker looking lashes. Apply a couple coats of your favourite mascara on the upper and lower lashes. *Don’t be shy with the mascara!




To make Erica’s lips appear larger I over drew them with Stripdown lip liner from MAC and then filled in with a deep brown berry gloss.


Favourite Five: BLUSH


I’ve decided I’m going to start a new series called “Favourite Five” every month on my blog. I will be focusing on 1 category of makeup and my 5 favourite brands of the product. Today’s post is focusing on BLUSH. I used to hate wearing blush because I was pretty rosy as it is. With growing up, my skin has lost some colour and I feel naked without wearing blush. These five blushes below are my MUST HAVES. I seriously love all of them. I hope it helps you guys out if your looking for a new blush.




This blush is the perfect pink. It’s light, sheer and gives you a feminine glow. It is a satin blush and seriously blends into the skin like butter. I love using this blush on a bride because it brightens the face and truly makes you look like a “blushing bride”. It’s a true light pink and looks great on lots of skin types.

IMG_2968 IMG_2959



This is the colour I recommend to everyone if they haven’t purchased a MAC blush before. It is amazing. The darker rose hues in it are so beautiful and really give you a flush of colour. It is a matte finish but is still very easy to blend and looks great on ALL skin types. It also is very flattering on mature skin since there is no shimmer or sparkle.

IMG_2960 IMG_2969


I FREAKING LOVE THIS BLUSH. It is like a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one. It is absolutely stunning on the skin and has a frost/sheen finish. It is my GO TO in the summer. You don’t need to use a bronzer with this since it adds darkness to your cheeks with a rosy hue.

IMG_2961 IMG_2970


Sin has been my ride or die at the moment. I’m super into mauve’s and this blush is perfection. It has purple undertones but a gold sheen to it. It is stunning on an olive skin tone but looks great on all. I have been using this every day since I got it. Also, with NARS blushes they are HIGHLY pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

IMG_2964 IMG_2972


This peachy pink blush is beautiful on people with fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s brightening and has a light sheen to it. It’s a very easy blush to wear and looks awesome all year round. I love using this to blend my eyeshadows in the crease to bring the look together. Also, it’s super affordable which is a plus!

IMG_2965 IMG_2971

My MAC Lipstick Collection

A little review on my own MAC lipsticks that I have collected over the past couple years. By no means did I buy all of these at once! Lipsticks are one of my favourite make up items and I really think they bring the look together. Hope you enjoy!

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?

photo 1

photo 2

1. HUE : This colour is a must for every girl. It’s the perfect pink-nude and is flattering on all skin types. I especially love wearing it with a smokey eye.

2. FEED THE SENSES : If you want a mauve-purple toned nude then this one is for you! It beautiful on olive skin tones and dark hair. It’s sheer so it’s not too bold which is awesome.

3. VIVA GLAM GAGA 2 : This colour can be difficult to wear if your not a “nude” fan. Putting a peachy/pink gloss over top really makes it more wearable. Great for muting out your lips so that you can add/mix with other colours.

4. VELVET TEDDY : I love this brown nude on darker skin tones. It has a super creamy texture and is easy to apply. Keep the rest of your look fresh and fabulous so that your lips are the main  dark NUDE focus.

5. FAUX : Faux is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE colour ever. It’s the perfect every day colour and I always get compliments when I wear it. It’s a pinky-brown colour that is basically your lips but better. It looks great with a simple eye look and even a smokey one.

6. HONEY LOVE : This colour reminds me of Bridgette Bardot. It’s a great peachy nude and looks hot with a lot of black eye make up. I prefer a peachy undertone in my nudes so that their is some dimension to my lip.

7. BRAVE : This lipstick is basically Faux but a bit darker. It’s rich in pigment and gives a little extra colour to your lips. Great on pale skin and auburn hair.

8. PEACHSTOCK : For a great neutral peach tone colour, this is the one to have. Great on neutral to olive skin stones, and all hair colour! Super creamy and rich in texture.

photo 3

9. CREME CUP : If your wanting a pale pink lipstick, I HIGHLY recommend this one. It’s a great first MAC lipstick. It seriously looks great on all skin types and hair colours. It goes with all make-up looks and has a great creamy texture.

10. ST GERMAIN : If you ever wanted the perfect “Barbie” lip, then look no further because this colour is it! It’s highly pigmented and glides on like a dream. I prefer to dab it on so that the colour is a little less intense. This is one of my faves when I have a tan.

11. PINK PLAID : Another favourite of mine, this mauve toned pink is absolutely stunning. It’s does have a matte finish, so make sure to use lip balm before application. I love this colour on blondes and with a bronzey eye.

12.  PLEASE ME : I really love this colour on a bride. It’s a beautiful neautral pink and adds the perfect amount of pop to any subtle look. Amazing on all skin tones too.

13.  PINK NOUVEAU : Another bridal fave, this one has a little bit more vibrancy to the colour but is great for the girl that wants to stand out on her big day. Looks awesome with grey toned eyes.

14. GIRL ABOUT TOWN : I just wore this colour in one of my previous blog posts ( I love simple). It’s vibrant and really brings out blue eyes and all skin colours. It’s that punch-y pink that looks great with jeans and a white tee.

15. UP THE AMP : SO we all know I love this colour. For some one who wants a more daring colour I suggest this lipstick. It’s great with grey smokey eyes and looks awesome on all hair colours.

photo 4

16. PLAYTIME: Like up the amp this purple lipstick is incredible. It does have more depth to it but goes on more sheer, but definitely build-able.

17. IMPASSIONED : OK, so this colour is my absolute fave colour when I’m tanned. I ALWAYS get compliments on it and it’s vibrance. It’s so creamy and seriously lasts all day long. Looks awesome on every one. Highly recommend this colour.

18. CANDY YUM YUM : This colour is super fun for the summer time. It’s fluorescent pink and looks great on blondes. If the colour is too much, then I recommend just dabbing a little on your finger then applying a gloss for a more muted look.

19. MAC RED : The search for the perfect red is over. This cherry toned red is awesome to get that Dita Von Teese / Scarlette Johanson look. I always apply mine with my Cherry liner from MAC, leaves you with the perfect red lip.

20. RUBY WOO : This deeper red is awesome with vintage hair and outfit. Very Mad Men-esque. Beware though, the formula is quite drying so make sure to scrub and moisturize your lips before applying.

21. PARTY LINE : So we all know that a deep berry lip is in this Winter. This colour is great if you don’t want to go too dark. It has a glossy finish and is build-able. Applying a darker lip liner will enhance the colour and make your look more “vampy”.