My MAC Lipstick Collection

A little review on my own MAC lipsticks that I have collected over the past couple years. By no means did I buy all of these at once! Lipsticks are one of my favourite make up items and I really think they bring the look together. Hope you enjoy!

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?

photo 1

photo 2

1. HUE : This colour is a must for every girl. It’s the perfect pink-nude and is flattering on all skin types. I especially love wearing it with a smokey eye.

2. FEED THE SENSES : If you want a mauve-purple toned nude then this one is for you! It beautiful on olive skin tones and dark hair. It’s sheer so it’s not too bold which is awesome.

3. VIVA GLAM GAGA 2 : This colour can be difficult to wear if your not a “nude” fan. Putting a peachy/pink gloss over top really makes it more wearable. Great for muting out your lips so that you can add/mix with other colours.

4. VELVET TEDDY : I love this brown nude on darker skin tones. It has a super creamy texture and is easy to apply. Keep the rest of your look fresh and fabulous so that your lips are the main  dark NUDE focus.

5. FAUX : Faux is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE colour ever. It’s the perfect every day colour and I always get compliments when I wear it. It’s a pinky-brown colour that is basically your lips but better. It looks great with a simple eye look and even a smokey one.

6. HONEY LOVE : This colour reminds me of Bridgette Bardot. It’s a great peachy nude and looks hot with a lot of black eye make up. I prefer a peachy undertone in my nudes so that their is some dimension to my lip.

7. BRAVE : This lipstick is basically Faux but a bit darker. It’s rich in pigment and gives a little extra colour to your lips. Great on pale skin and auburn hair.

8. PEACHSTOCK : For a great neutral peach tone colour, this is the one to have. Great on neutral to olive skin stones, and all hair colour! Super creamy and rich in texture.

photo 3

9. CREME CUP : If your wanting a pale pink lipstick, I HIGHLY recommend this one. It’s a great first MAC lipstick. It seriously looks great on all skin types and hair colours. It goes with all make-up looks and has a great creamy texture.

10. ST GERMAIN : If you ever wanted the perfect “Barbie” lip, then look no further because this colour is it! It’s highly pigmented and glides on like a dream. I prefer to dab it on so that the colour is a little less intense. This is one of my faves when I have a tan.

11. PINK PLAID : Another favourite of mine, this mauve toned pink is absolutely stunning. It’s does have a matte finish, so make sure to use lip balm before application. I love this colour on blondes and with a bronzey eye.

12.  PLEASE ME : I really love this colour on a bride. It’s a beautiful neautral pink and adds the perfect amount of pop to any subtle look. Amazing on all skin tones too.

13.  PINK NOUVEAU : Another bridal fave, this one has a little bit more vibrancy to the colour but is great for the girl that wants to stand out on her big day. Looks awesome with grey toned eyes.

14. GIRL ABOUT TOWN : I just wore this colour in one of my previous blog posts ( I love simple). It’s vibrant and really brings out blue eyes and all skin colours. It’s that punch-y pink that looks great with jeans and a white tee.

15. UP THE AMP : SO we all know I love this colour. For some one who wants a more daring colour I suggest this lipstick. It’s great with grey smokey eyes and looks awesome on all hair colours.

photo 4

16. PLAYTIME: Like up the amp this purple lipstick is incredible. It does have more depth to it but goes on more sheer, but definitely build-able.

17. IMPASSIONED : OK, so this colour is my absolute fave colour when I’m tanned. I ALWAYS get compliments on it and it’s vibrance. It’s so creamy and seriously lasts all day long. Looks awesome on every one. Highly recommend this colour.

18. CANDY YUM YUM : This colour is super fun for the summer time. It’s fluorescent pink and looks great on blondes. If the colour is too much, then I recommend just dabbing a little on your finger then applying a gloss for a more muted look.

19. MAC RED : The search for the perfect red is over. This cherry toned red is awesome to get that Dita Von Teese / Scarlette Johanson look. I always apply mine with my Cherry liner from MAC, leaves you with the perfect red lip.

20. RUBY WOO : This deeper red is awesome with vintage hair and outfit. Very Mad Men-esque. Beware though, the formula is quite drying so make sure to scrub and moisturize your lips before applying.

21. PARTY LINE : So we all know that a deep berry lip is in this Winter. This colour is great if you don’t want to go too dark. It has a glossy finish and is build-able. Applying a darker lip liner will enhance the colour and make your look more “vampy”.